Welcome Message from the General Chair


Wiseto AgungIt is our great pleasure and honor to welcome you to APCC 2016, the 22nd Asia-Pacific Conference on Communications and also to our beautiful Yogyakarta, the center of Javanese arts and culture. In this event we will have the opportunities to exchange knowledge and information on latest researches and strengthening relationships amongst us, while enjoying the relaxing yet entertaining environment of Yogyakarta.

Since 1993, APCC has been acknowledged as technical forum for researchers and engineers to interact and disseminate information on the latest developments in advanced communication and information technologies, particularly in the Asia-Pacific region. In this 22nd APCC, the event is organized by IEEE Communication Society Indonesia Chapter, supported by Telkom University and University of Gajah Mada, as Co-Organizers. APCC 2013 is made possible through the technical co-sponsorship of the IEICE Communication Society, KICS and CIC.

Many advance technologies in the communication field, start to put the intelligences in many segments and subsystems of a communication system. Novel methodologies and approaches are introduced to achieve higher level of communication quality. Nevertheless, human life is still a very important aspect to be considered in each development of technologies, including communication technology. Today, we have witnessed the rise of broad smart digital technologies on the devices, sensors, networks, controls and not to mentions millions of applications. Those smart technologies spun from computing, broadcasting and media, platforms, applications and contents, advertising and social media. Accordingly, under the theme of “Advancement of Science, Technology and Applications in Communications for Humanity”, APCC 2016 will provide opportunity for us to discuss this issue. Still, there are many challenges need to resolve, including technology, infrastructure, traffic, spectrum, privacy/security, energy-efficiency, nature-friendly development, life style changes, and others.

In APCC 2016, we are honored to have several distinguished Keynote Speakers around the world. Other APCC 2016 point, there is high interest on 5G and IoT as the advance topics in communications nowadays. During this event, we are also delighted to have valuable tutorials delivered by experts.

We hope all participants will have valuable and also enjoyable experience during this event. Looking forward to see you all in Yogyakarta.

General Chair
Wiseto Agung
Telkom Indonesia


Welcome Message from TPC Chair

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

RinaIt is a great honor for all of us to host the APCC 2016, the 22nd Asia-Pacific Conference on Communications, in Yogyakarta, where the high qualified papers in advanced information and communication technologies and services, under the theme of “Advancement of Science, Technology and Applications in Communications for Humanity”, will be presented. The conference received 297 papers from 828 authors of 29 countries and through high qualification of reviewing process and tight registration process APCC 2016 accepted 126 papers from 401 authors of 24 countries with high qualified papers.

The research in advanced information and communication technologies and services, and also communications networks with advanced technologies are very important since it brings us insight into new engineering solutions that may influence our life. This event represents a great achievement in topics of interest, which the best contributors coming from excellent laboratories and schools throughout the world, precipitate to come and contribute their finest works. Therefore, this conference will become the landmark for engineering society to express their thoughts and skills in finding best algorithms or modern mathematical modeling for the future technology. Not only the high qualified papers, the conference is supported by 7 experts in tutorial sessions and 7 distinguished experts in keynote sessions.

We would like to express special appreciation for 702 technical program committee (TPC) that supported the review process, thus enable us to present high qualified conference in communications technology. The top 7 demanding topics from background of reviewers background are IoT Communication and Networking Protocols (279 reviewers); IoT Enabling Technologies (228 reviewers); Network Architecture and Protocol (225 reviewers); Future Network (219 reviewers); IoT System Architecture (219 reviewers); Services and Applications (215 reviewers); Wireless System (211 reviewers).

Welcome to Yogyakarta, we hope that you enjoy the foods, graceful palace, arts, its tropical beauties and richness culture. We hope that fruitful discussions and exchange of ideas between researchers during conference will yield new technological innovations for contributing to a better life for humans in the coming decades.

Best regards,

TPC Chair,
Rina Pudji Astuti


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